Human Centred Design

RealThing Ai, the company that has developed RealSAM In Your Woman with a stick, feeling a statuePocket is looking to refresh its understanding on the frustrations and ideas for solutions from members of the Sight Loss community.    Membership of the roughly 2 month “Human Centered Design” process would consist of a balanced spread in age, gender, location, amount of vision.  We are not looking to utilize insights from existing In Your Pocket customers in this study.

Participants will be rewarded with:

  • Contributing to the idea pool for the next generation of assistive technology from RealThing Ai.
  • A code to purchase In Your Pocket at £32 off retail (for yourself and up to two friends).
  • A free set of wired, bone conduction headset or bluetooth sunglasses worth around £25

To nominate for involvement in this project before it commences in January 2021, please complete your details below:

    You agree to:

    Provide RealSAM Ltd some personal information that we will use to contact you, and categorize your answers as we build summaries.

    Provide RealSAM Ltd some personal insights over the course of two months in a series of 3 phone calls (one of them around 1.5 hours) and two group sessions of around 1.5 hours each.

    1. Particpant Details

    Your Name
    Your Mobile Number
    Your Email Address

    2. Environmental Attributes

    Do you use Zoom at home? YesNo
    Are You a current or past In Your Pocket User? YesNo
    Do you have sighted assistance in your home? YesNo

    3. Selection Attributes

    Level of Vision Some Sight LossEffectively Blind
    Your Age? <3536-6565+
    Your Gender FemaleMale
    Your Location