What To Look For In A Phone For Older People

What To Look For In A Phone For Older People

Whether you’re researching for yourself or a loved one, choosing the right mobile phone for older people with sight loss can seem like a challenging task. With a vast range of different devices to choose from, with varying features and price points, it can be hard to know where to start. So, when shopping for a mobile phone for an older friend or a family member, here are a few things you may want to look out for. 

Straightforward to use

Ideally, no matter what age you are, your mobile phone should be easy to use, but simplicity is definitely key when it comes to the older generation. For many, confusing touch screens or small keyboards aren’t convenient, as well as multiple apps or hi-tech features.  

In Your Pocket is designed to be simple, and is ideal for older people with sight loss. The phone only has three big buttons and it is also fully voice-controlled, meaning you can press a button and ask it for help rather than searching or reading from a screen. In Your Pocket is perfect is you are looking for an every day phone to help with calls, texts and entertainment. The In Your Pocket team helps all new customers to learn how to use their phone, with 121 advice for either the user or their loved one. The Support team is also available Monday to Friday for any ad-hoc questions or advice.      

No hassle calling or messaging 

We have all spent most of the last year unable to see our family and friends, so staying in touch by phone has never been more important. With In Your Pocket, it couldn’t be easier to call people or send messages with ease. We offer help with saving favourite contacts into your phone, then all you need to do is ask the phone to call or text someone using your voice

Large text and a magnifier 

As we age, it is no secret that our eyesight worsens and for this reason, the vast majority of older people will require a mobile phone that has large text. It may also be beneficial to have an app or a built-in magnifier to help read other things.

In Your Pocket is great because it will read out things, like new messages, to the user, so they won’t need to worry about not being able to clearly see them. It also has an inbuilt magnifier so you can zoom in on important documents and a ‘Be My Eyes’ function that makes an instant video call to someone to help with every day tasks. 

Help in an emergency situation

For many, a mobile phone can provide peace of mind that if anything was to happen to them, they will be able to get help. In Your Pocket has a special emergency setting where emergency contacts are saved. To make an emergency call you simply need to press the emergency button on the device 3 times and the mobile phone will automatically call the nominated contact. 

Easy access to news and entertainment 

Of course, as well as being a communication device, for many a mobile phone is also an entertainment device. Again, the In Your Pocket device can help with this. All users will have unlimited access to over 200 newspapers and magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, and also a selection of different radio stations, such as Radio 4, podcasts and thousands of audio books. All entertainment content can be searched for using your voice. Say, for example, ”Read me the Guardian” and today’s newspaper will be played. You don’t need to pay for an extra subscription to an audio book or newspaper service as we bundle books, newspapers, magazines and podcasts into our monthly subscription.

Finding the right phone for older loved ones 

Ultimately, when purchasing a mobile phone for an older loved one, you are likely to be trying to find something that helps them to stay independent yet connected.  If you would like to find out more about our prices and service you may want to visit our shop over on our website and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us on 01733 514 612. A member of our friendly team will happily provide you with any additional information that you may require or arrange to send you a brochure.